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The First Catechism?

Have you ever heard of The Didache?  Until recently, I had not; but I came across this short treatise.  The Didache is an ancient document of the Church, which is more formally called “The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles”.  It is a fairly brief writing that lists the do’s and don’ts for early Christians. Beyond that, it describes early Christian liturgical rituals like baptism and celebrating the Eucharist.

What struck my when reading this is that, at it’s core, Catholicism has not changed much.  Sure, we’ve explained things more clearly to show how they pertain to a particular time; but the principles are very similar.  I mean seriously, who would have thought that in the early second century (which is when this is believed to have been written), there was an explicit prohibition against abortion, or that one could not approach the Eucharist if they had not confessed their sins first.

I guess there is some truth in the saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

For those interested, there are a number of English translations for The Didache.  Below I will link one of them as well as the audio book:

The Didache at New Advent
The Didache Audio Book

The writing is very short but a great way to peer into our Church’s history.  While it may not be a catechism, per se, you can’t deny that it describes “the Way”.

Until next time, keep sharing the faith!