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It seems that I neglected this blog for so long that the theme I was using stopped playing nice with the updated version of WordPress, so …

… introducing the new and improved!

With a fresh new theme but a similar look, I’ll be able to continue to share with you without having to worry why things don’t look quite right.  I hope you like the new site.

Until next time, keep sharing the faith!

A New Year, A New Beginning

A New BeginningA new year can bring a new beginning with a fresh perspective … a focus on starting over. We set resolutions at the beginning of the new year. We decide to change things that we have previously done and begin to do new things too. As I reflect on 2012, one major disappointment has been my lack of blogging. Now, I can give you a list of reasons (or maybe excuses) as to why my blogging stopped, and many of them would be valid; but it doesn’t change the fact that I missed sharing things with all of you. So, as I said, a new year can bring a new beginning and that is true for blogging, so here I start here anew.

As is appropriate during Advent, I reflected on what I need to do to prepare for the coming of Christ.  I had the opportunity to look at what was important and focus on those things. Beyond focusing more on my blog, I also realized a need to focus more on my prayer life. That has always been a challenge for me, mostly due to the a busy schedule and there just not being enough hours in the day to do everything one wants. While that has not changed (yep, I’m still pretty busy), I have made the decision to make prayer a bigger priority in my life. I feel real joy when I’m spending time with our Lord and I know that that spending time with me is something He wants too. To help with that, I started keeping a prayer journal on Christmas Day. In the few days that I’ve been keeping that journal, it has really helped me to focus on what I want to say as part of my prayers.

Among the things I pray about are the scripture readings from Mass for the day along with anything that struck me from meditating or reflecting on those readings, how I’m feeling about a particular thing that has happened to me or how I’m feeling in general, asking for forgiveness, praying for intentions, etc. It has really proven to be a great way to organize my prayers and I look forward to writing in my journal each night.

You know, I’m excited about sharing with all of you again. I will probably expand this blog a bit to include the spiritual side of the catechist from time to time. While much if that will be based on my own experiences, I will try to find other things that can enrich the spiritual life of a catechist  as well.  I think it’s time to take this beyond the focus of the classroom, which has been the viewpoint of most of my posts in the past.

Until next time (which should be much sooner than last time), keep sharing the faith.

HELLO-O-o-o? ECHO-O-o-o!

Is anyone out there?  It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog, so everyone that has stopped looking has rightfully done so and those that are still here have shown great hope.  I would especially like to thank reader Christian LeBlanc for giving me a much needed kick in the pants to get me to post again.  To be perfectly honest, I haven’t felt inspiration to post lately.  I don’t know if that is because my life has gone into overdrive, if it’s because I have a particularly challenging class this year, if it’s because the content of what we’ve chose to cover in our program seems to completely go over the students’ heads or if it’s something else altogether.

Last time, I mentioned that I was trying to begin a Youth Ministry group in our parish.  That has really taken up quite a bit of time.  The original core group of adults had a very different view of youth ministry than I did.  That being said, I tried to be accommodating because if it’s one thing I learned over the years, it’s that I do not have all the answers.  Well, the two other adults decided to leave the program and that left me having to do everything.  The good news is that I get to structure the group in a way I think best balances faith and social activities; the bad news is that it is all me at this point, which I think limits how much we can do.  I’m praying and asking for more help, but we’ll see what happens there.

As I mentioned, Religious Education is pretty challenging this year.  I have a group of 9th graders, and about a third of the class is made up of members of a local high school’s freshmen football team.  Additionally, two thirds of the class are boys that know and feed off of each other.  Discipline is a challenge and they seem so disconnected from their faith that they just don’t get the curriculum from this year.  I’m going to talk to my CRE about the possibility of changing the content for next year.  While I love the idea of going through the Mass in detail, there are some basic things these students seem to be missing, which significantly limits how much they can get out of the material.  Can you say “blank stares”?

Anyway, I’ve recieved some great feedback over the last few years on my blog and encouragement to keep it up.  I’ve also gotten a lot out of posting and reading the comments some of my readers leave, so I’m not ready to give this up.  I truly hope to have more content to offer going forward, but I also recognize that I’ve said that before and have then fallen off the face of the blogosphere.  I ask for your patience and forgiveness as I try to get back in a routine that will allow me to share with all of you again.

Until next time (which I hope will be much sooner than last time), keep sharing the faith.

Blogfading Woes

I can’t believe it!  I blogfaded.  I actually blogfaded.  I never thought that would happen and as I write this, I wonder if anyone will be left to read it.

Real life.  It’s an unpredictable thing.  Things pop up that you don’t expect.  Your free time begins to dry up.  You put things on the back burner.  You get busier and those things never get moved back to the front.

That’s sort of what happened to me.  Family life got hectic.  Projects at work went into a ridiculous level of overdrive.  Religious Education continued at a steady pace but still required a good amount of prep time.  And then there is Youth Ministry.

Yep, that’s right, Youth Ministry.  I am helping start up a youth ministry at our parish.  I don’t think I could have ever anticipated how much work would need to go into building a youth ministry from the ground up — training, idea generation, comprehensive structure, volunteer needs, budgeting (or lack thereof), activity coordination, marketing, dealing with varied opinions on what this ministry should look like, coordinating with other parish ministries — I’m sure I left something out.

I have not given up on blogging.  It is a great vehicle to share my joys and let out my frustration.  I have to rejigger my time and figure it all out, but I definitely want to get blogging its due time.  If you are still reading here, please stay tuned and activitry should kick back in at some regular intervals soon.

Until next time, keep sharing the faith!

The Christmas Story

With Christmas approaching, I thought I’d share this cute video that’s been flooding the social networks today.  It was put together by some children in New Zealand (with some adult help, I’m sure).  Enjoy!!



I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!

Until next time, keep sharing the faith!